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Why iKuro

See how ikuro can benefit your health

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a compound from the group of humic substances. Extracted from the ancient nutritious layer of earth that feeds plants and contains all the elements essential for life. As it helps plants grow, this same set of elements are also essential for humans. Fulvic acid aids the transportation of vitamins and minerals to the right place, both in humans and in plants. One molecule of fulvic can carry more than 70 minerals making it “natures miracle molecule”.


Fulvic Acid can combat vitamin and mineral deficiencies and may be helpful with more serious health complaints.

Traditional Indian medicine (“Ayurveda”), has employed the benefits of fulvic acid for over 3000years [1].

iKuro can boost nutrient absorption. Fulvic acid can solubilize nutrients to make them readily available for absorption, thus releasing the full potential of vitamins and minerals and aiding absorption to the body and individual cells. Its unique structure and small molecular size dissolve the elements making it easier for the body to transport and absorb.

Fulvic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are atoms in the body which are seeking to bond to electrons. Free radicals are associated with human disease such as, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and many others. Fulvic acid provides protection and support against a wide range of health issues and diseases.

Help with a Hangover

iKuro may even help with a hangover. The essential minerals and elements that are contained in iKuro may help to alleviate hangovers by hydrating your body more efficiently. It is well documented that one of the causes of a hangover is dehydration. iKuro also make a great mixer for your next night out or party. Always consume in moderation and enjoy the great taste and benefit of a sugar free alternative to standard mixers. The extra advantage is that they taste great too. Try the iKuro lemon lime with a shot of whiskey or vodka or use the coffee black water to create a refreshing espresso martini.

Workout Support

As well as containing a dose of highly available electrolytes to help you through the most grueling sessions, iKuro contains essential amino acids and antioxidants which may help to improve muscle recovery and enhance energy levels while exercising. iKuro helps to oxygenate the blood while exercising improving circulation and reducing lactic acid build up. This boosts endurance and recovery times.

The bounty of elements contained within iKuro, remineralizes the body to replace what is lost during strenuous workouts. Increased oxygen in blood reduces inflammation and delivers essential nutrients to cells. iKuro Black Water has one of the richest mineral counts of any bottled water in the market.

Individuals suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases such as ulcers often exacerbate their condition whenever they consume acidic foods. iKuro may help alleviate these symptoms and improve overall gut health and flora. Fulvic acid activates digestive enzymes which improves digestive efficiency.


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